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What Kind of Exercise is Best for Arthritis

Arthritis is a crippling disease and many sufferers find it difficult to move about due to their stiff and painful joints. Yet most health care professionals would agree that exercise and movement is good for those joints, helping the sufferer to remain mobile and active for as long as possible. However, there are some kinds of exercise that should not be done, because of the damage that can occur to joints that are already in poor condition.

Anything that jolts the joints should be avoided. This includes such things as running or even jogging, jumping, skipping and so on. If you land heavily on your feet in doing any exercise, avoid it. If it is your elbows, wrists or shoulders that are affected, anything that puts too much strain on these parts of the body should also be avoided. Rather, gentle exercise that includes a whole range of motions is far better. It stretches and strengthens the muscles surrounding the joint so more support is provided.

Exercise that is good for arthritics can be such things as swimming, aquarobics, walking and cycling, none of which requires a sudden jolt. Most water exercises are good because the water supports your weight and reduces wear and tear on the joints.

At the gym you might find a rowing machine is good for exercise that does not jolt your joints. It is wise to get a trainer who knows about arthritis and avoiding injury to devise an exercise plan for you that will do no harm, while still helping to make you fitter and stronger. If you’ve never done much exercise for years, consult your health care professional before you start.

Pilates is a good form of exercise for many arthritics, but not all can stand to lay on a hard mat if they have arthritis in their back. Otherwise, it will increase your core strength which helps your balance, important for arthritics, especially as they age.

There are many aids that can help people disabled by arthritis to cope with their daily schedule. Even wearing the proper shoes with soft soles can help you walk further. This is important to retain your independence.

Some sports can be played by people with arthritis. Bowls and even golf may be possible, depending on where you are most affected. Some people can still go dancing and that too, is a good way to exercise while you have fun. It’s just as important to find ways to enjoy yourself as it is to keep as fit and as healthy as possible.

Diet also plays an important part in keeping arthritis at bay. A diet that is alkaline rather than acidic is very likely to be beneficial in reducing pain in the joints.