How to Fit Fitness into Your Day

It’s important to be fit to cope with our busy lifestyles. Lack of fitness means lack of strength and stamina, both of which are needed to work and care for children as well as to enjoy life in general. Being fit means you don’t run out of energy halfway through the day, but can get through a day at work then come home and still have enough energy to tend to children and get meals – not to mention doing the housework. So who has time to get fit by doing special exercises?

Most people don’t want to get up even half an hour early just to go jogging or do a workout on the lounge room floor. The best way to fit fitness into your day is to incorporate more activity into your daily schedule. For instance, taking the stairs instead of the lift will certainly give you a good workout, especially if you run up them. Okay, run up just some of them, at least until your legs get fitter.

You might want to consider other ways to get fit, such as purchasing a bicycle and using it to get to the store a few blocks away instead of driving the car. Of course, you could also walk if the area is safe. And if you are purchasing too many things to carry home again, you could get a wheeled carry-bag to make it a bit easier.

The thing is, getting fit should be fun, otherwise you’ll think up lots of excuses why you can’t do it today and after a week or two, you’ll forget all about it. So think about what fun things you can do that will also make you fit. If you are a workaholic, think in terms of vacuuming the house, cleaning the windows, sweeping the paths, gardening and mowing.

If you are not into working all day, take some time out for sports, swimming, jogging or walking, joining a yoga or Pilates class or taking the kids to the park with a ball or a Frisbee. This especially essential if you sit all day at a desk. People with sedentary jobs will soon find their fitness levels diminishing if they don’t do something to prevent it.

The trouble is, as you start to get older, it is more difficult to get fit or maintain fitness without doing something special to ensure it. Mature aged and elderly people often can’t bend over, reach up high or get up from a sitting position very easily. This is because they have not kept fit. If you fall into this category, start to walk around more even if you don’t feel like it. Your legs will soon begin to feel stronger and you’ll be able to maintain your independence for much longer when you stay fit.