7 Outdoor Group Activities For Adults
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7 Outdoor Group Activities For Adults

We all know what the popular sports are that we can watch on our sports channels, and hopefully, you compete in at least one of them. However, if you looking for outdoor activities for adults that might not be considered a mainstream sport, but still provide fun, and allow for exercise, then you are reading the correct article.

We say that because we are going to outline for you 7 outdoor activities for adults that most people probably do not know exist. These outdoor group activities are ideal for families, groups of friends, hens parties, and even work colleagues who want to have some fun away from work and who might also wish to build up the team bonds within that group.

#1 Frisbee Rugby/Football

You can vary this game to suit depending on whether your group are football, rugby, or even American football fans. You will be using a frisbee rather than a ball, and the object of each team is to ‘score’ with the frisbee by throwing it into a goal or getting it into their opponent’s end zone or try zone. You can add rules such as no forward passes, as per rugby, or no physical tackling, depending on how competitive you want it to be.

#2 Sepak Takraw

The name comes from Southeast Asia and its literal translation is ‘kick a ball’. It is basically a game of volleyball with three or four players on each team but in this variation, you cannot use your hands.

As such the skills required are closer to those used in football as you can use your feet, chest, knees, or head to play the ball over the net. For beginners, you might allow one or two bounces, but ultimately you want to keep the ball in the air before playing over the net.

#3 Wife Carrying

It says ‘wife’ but in truth, you can carry anyone, be it your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or even your boss. Quite simply you carry them on your shoulders and then run as fast as you can to the finishing line. Just make sure you do not drop them!

#4 Bicycle Ball

Another simple one to describe where you are playing football, or soccer as some call it, where instead of your legs carrying you around the pitch, a bicycle is. In fact, the bicycle is the only thing that can touch the ball. so no hands allowed as is the norm, and but in this instance, no feet either.

#5 Walking Basketball

Maybe one for those looking for a more sedate sport or activity but which still allows a degree of exercise. This is simply a game of basketball whereby no one can run but instead can only walk. The same principle can be applied to other team sports such as football or rugby.

#6 Water Balloon Fight

Guaranteed to be loads of fun and certain to have everyone soaking wet. Fill as many balloons as you can with water, and then either have a free-for-all or use them for games such as teams trying to throw and catch their partner’s balloon without it exploding water all over each other.

#7 Caber Tossing

Caber is Scottish Gaelic for ‘wooden beam’ and the simple idea is to hold a large wooden beam and then try to throw it so that it lands as straight as possible, and not as far as possible, so accuracy is more important than distance. For youngsters, and those not so strong, use smaller beams.