Snake Diet

What is the Snake Diet – And Should You Do It?

The desire to lose weight can make people do some crazy things. While fitness, exercise, and eating well are the best ways to lose weight, some people look to fad diets to drop the kilos quickly. The result? Usually, never anything positive. One such diet that has been intriguing people is the snake diet. Read on to learn what this diet is and why it is not an official dieting recommendation.

What is the Snake Diet?

The snake diet is a set of eating behaviours designed to promote quick and drastic weight loss. It’s based on a “starvation” or prolonged fasting model and does not follow the basic principles of eating in moderation and enjoying plenty of fruits and vegetables. Instead, it’s about consuming little food over an extended period.

How People Follow the Snake Diet

Anyone looking to lose weight should follow a proper health and fitness routine with a well-balanced diet. Many of the suggestions within the Snake Diet do not align with those outlined by official sources and other health professionals. Therefore, the following information offers an insight into what the Snake Diet is, but is not an instructional guide on how to follow it.

YouTube videos released by the Snake Diet founder outline several instructions and revisions for how to follow the diet. They include “Snake Juice” with water, Himalayan pink salt, Epsom salts, and potassium chloride, and no more than 3,500 calories per week. You can create the liquid yourself, or purchase the commercial electrolyte mix advertised by the diet’s founder.

According to the USDA, women should consume between 1,600 and 2,400 daily, while men should be having between 2,000 and 3,000 per day. As a result, the Snake Diet may promote calorie deprivation at an extreme level. Diet followers are asked to consume several thousand calories less than what experts tell us our bodies require.

In the first phase of the diet, newcomers are instructed to fast for 48 hours while consuming apple cider vinegar and Snake Juice. After those two days, you can eat for 1-2 hours and then refrain for 72 hours with a second opportunity for food after three days.

After you’ve eaten for the second time, you can refrain from eating for between 48 and 96 hours, with single meals in between. The Snake Diet encourages people to follow this pattern until they reach their desired body weight.

By “phase three”, the goal is maintenance. The diet encourages people to fast for 1-2 days, eat single meals, and acclimatise their body to the shift in hunger patterns.

Losing weight may be a desire you have, but there are safer methods out there that allow your body to still get the nutrients it needs. There are also considerable risks associated with such starvation diet methods. If you are interested in losing weight, improving your health, and working on your fitness, then get in touch with an expert in the field. A nutritionist and personal trainer may be able to help.