9 Tips on How to Use Sauerkraut

9 Tips on How to Use Sauerkraut

1. Never cook your kraut. Heating sauerkraut to high temperatures destroys all the enzymes & probiotics. If you don’t like your sauerkraut cold straight from the fridge, leave out the portion you are going to use to reach room temperature. But it is ok to stir sauerkraut into warm soups or add it to your heated meal.

2. Sauerkraut as a side. Krauts go well with nearly every meal – just add it like an extra serving of veg to your plate.

3. Toss it through a salad. Jazz up your garden salad by tossing kraut through it or adding to the top of your serve. Try adding kim chi to your coleslaw to give it an extra crunch & spiciness.

4. Have it for brekky. Mix your kraut with your scrambled eggs or add to the top of your omelette.

5. Make your treats healthier. Sometimes we just need to indulge & make a pizza! Pile your kraut on top of the cheese as soon as its out of the oven to let it warm. Fancy a burger? Put your kraut on top of your meat or veggie burger, add salad & condiments – don’t forget the beetroot!

6. Liven up your sanger. Put a bit of kim chi on your sandwich or wrap for added flavour. If you’re making lunch in the morning you may want to pat the sauerkraut dry of excess liquid so your lunch won’t go soggy!

7. Don’t toss the liquid. The liquid or brine from your kraut can be added to sauces & stews for an extra salty & tangy seasoning.

8. Is your kraut sour? Still experimenting with making your own kraut? Sometimes it can over ferment & become too sour – but don’t throw it out! Cooking your kraut will lose the probiotic benefits but heating it will mellow out the flavour. Try adding it to casseroles for a tasty meal.

9. Don’t despair! If you’re still struggling with the taste of kraut don’t worry. Just one forkful of sauerkraut is going to provide you with a dose of good bacteria. As you become accustomed to the taste & texture you can increase the amount you eat.