Recovery Coach

What A Recovery Coach Does

When you make the courageous decision to book into drug rehab, you will find yourself learning the term ‘recovery coach’. A recovery coach is something every recovering addict in a drug rehabilitation will become familiar with, as it’s a support person who will be by your side every step of the way.

While in many cases, recovering addicts have family and friends only too willing to help, a recovery coach in a drug rehab programme is a professional who can provide support for those with co-dependency issues, addictive behaviour, and drug and alcohol problems. Below, we cover how a recovery coach can be of assistance to those suffering from addiction problems.

Alleviate Pre-Rehab Concerns

If you’ve decided to book into a drug rehab facility, it can be terrifying. You are facing your biggest demon, and it’s all too easy to decide you’re not ready for that step. However, once you’ve enrolled in a facility, you will be assigned a recovery coach before you even enter the premises. They will get in touch with you before your visit to make sure you’re comfortable with the transition, as well as to answer questions you may have. Sometimes, assurance is all you need to be able to make that first step.

Provide Encouragement

When you arrive at the drug rehab facility that will help you to turn your life around, it’s a daunting and often scary experience. You don’t know anyone, and you’re immediately faced with the prospect of not being able to access your drug of choice. The role of a coach is to offer positive guidance, as well as encourage you to take part in activities that can help during your recovery process. Even if you don’t think you’re strong enough to combat your addiction, a recovery coach knows you are and will work to ensure you know that.

Set Goals

When drug addiction consumes a significant part of your life, it can become hard to believe anything else is worth striving for other than getting access to your drug. A recovery coach can help you put steps in place to work on setting life goals. These are goals that relate to your career and job prospects as well as relationships. The goal is to get your life back on track, helping you to see there is a life outside your drug addiction.

Enjoy Your Stay

Drug rehab can be a scary place for addicts, as it’s a place where you cannot gain access to drugs or alcohol. Therefore, recovering addicts can find it hard to integrate into the daily life of drug rehab, taking part in activities and trying to kick their habit safely and healthily. The most natural first step for many who enter drug rehab is to withdraw themselves from those activities set up to help and to close themselves off from those trying to offer support.

A recovery coach can help you see it’s a safe place that can help to set you up for a positive role in society upon getting clean. While the first week or two may be challenging, your recovery coach can help you to see how beneficial drug rehab really is.

A recovery coach does not offer treatment, diagnosis or trauma healing, but they do provide a supportive and helping hand at a time when you may feel lost, isolated, and terrified. When you sign on for drug rehab, you will find their guiding hand is more helpful than you initially thought.