• 7 Outdoor Group Activities For Adults
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    7 Outdoor Group Activities For Adults

    We all know what the popular sports are that we can watch on our sports channels, and hopefully, you compete in at least one of them. However, if you looking for outdoor activities for adults that might not be considered a mainstream sport, but still provide fun, and allow for exercise, then you are reading the correct article.

    We say that because we are going to outline for you 7 outdoor activities for adults that most people probably do not know exist. These outdoor group activities are ideal for families, groups of friends, hens parties, and even work colleagues who want to have some fun away from work and who might also wish to build up the team bonds within that group.

    #1 Frisbee Rugby/Football

    You can vary this game to suit depending on whether your group are football, rugby, or even American football fans. You will be using a frisbee rather than a ball, and the object of each team is to ‘score’ with the frisbee by throwing it into a goal or getting it into their opponent’s end zone or try zone. You can add rules such as no forward passes, as per rugby, or no physical tackling, depending on how competitive you want it to be.

  • Engagement Ring Diamonds

    Engagement Ring Diamonds and Settings

    If you’re new to the world of engagement rings then congratulations. If you’re beginning to think about them, it must be time to announce your commitment and love, and that’s something of which to be proud. However, if you’ve never put much thought into engagement rings, then it’s obvious you don’t know much about diamonds and settings. It’s to be expected, but you can find out about some basic styles below. Getting the terminology right can make you an expert in no time.


    When you pay a visit to your local jeweller’s, you may hear the word ‘solitaire’ thrown around quite a bit. You may know it as a card game, but do you know it as jewellery? Solitaire refers to a single diamond or stone of any size or shape. When someone talks about a ‘diamond solitaire’ it’s a ring or other jewellery with one single diamond.

    Diamond Sidestones

    If a ‘diamond side-stone ring’ has caught your attention, then it will be helpful to know what it means. Also called a three-stone ring, it refers to a large diamond within engagement rings encompassed by several smaller diamonds. Typically, the large diamond stands out prominently, with smaller stones adding to the overall exquisite design and style.

  • Relationships

    How to be a Great Mother In Law

    There are many supposed jokes about mothers-in-law and some of them may even be deserved by some in-laws. Many mothers are very protective of their children and want to see them marry partners that are perfect, but of course they don’t because there is no such thing in existence. People are human and humans are not perfect, so no matter who your child marries there will always be something you don’t like about them.

    If you want to have a great relationship with your adult children and their spouses, and be a welcome visitor so you get to see lots of your cute little grandchildren, here are some tips to ensure it happens.

    • Never criticise either your adult child or their spouse. Not to them, not to each other and certainly not to other people.
    • Never give relationship advice unless your daughter or son begs you for it. That’s not to say you can’t tell stories about what happened when you were a young married and how you coped with it. But go easy on those too.
  • Wedding Expenses
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    The Top 7 Wedding Expenses – and How to Reduce Them

    If you are having a wedding on a budget – and who isn’t – you may be interested in knowing what things are likely to cost you the most.  You may then be able to work out ways to cut back on these costs. Some items will be mandatory for some brides such as flowers and bridesmaid robes.

    One thing common to every reception is music. Some brides choose a live band while others choose a dj to play the music. Of the two, the latter is usually the cheapest and besides, the disc jockey doesn’t need to take a break like the live band does.

    However, if you have musical friends, they may be willing to play at your wedding for free or for a low cost. In between, you could simply have someone play some CDs through a sound system. The only trouble with this idea is that the sound won’t be of high quality and you’ll have no MC.

    Here are some more wedding expenses.

  • Party Sparkle
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    Ways to Make Your Party Sparkle

    Everyone who hosts a party wants it to sparkle so that the guests have a great time and want to come back the next time they are invited.  You can ensure your guests have great fun by adding a photo booth so they can all have fun taking pictures of themselves and their friends. There are other ways you might consider to make sure your party goes off with a bang. Here are some of them.

    • Offer everyone sparkly party hats made especially for the occasion. No one is allowed to get out of wearing one. Don’t let on that one hat has a lucky number and the person wearing it will win a prize during the night.
    • Get dress up glasses for the photobooth props and add some glitter to them. Or offer the glasses to any guest who wants to wear them.
  • Frustration With Dating Sites

    New Yorker Article Nails Women’s Frustration With Dating Sites

    Anybody interested in online dating must not miss Ann Friedman’s take on dating apps. We hear these same complaints from many women in dating sites, and the whole dating service industry is basically pulling its hair out trying to find best solutions for these problems. One thing we liked though is the idea behind “Check Him Out”. OK, it fell flat with the author, too, but there might be an idea to be explored there. Restricting male’s aggressiveness is going to be a prime goal if we’re ever to make online dating more appealing to women.

  • Flirting

    Is Flirting a Lost Art?

    Sometimes it seems like flirting is on the way out. People are too serious now. If you aren’t serious about dating someone, then you can’t flirt with them because you’ll get slapped for sexual harassment or something. If you are serious about someone, you have to spell it out like a legal contract, and there goes all that fun coy hinting. And then you have today’s long-distance relationship effect. It just isn’t as easy to spontaneously flirt with someone from 50 miles away over a phone.

    In case anybody cares anymore, AskMen tells guys how to flirt. Dating-to-Relating also has an article on how to flirt with women. Meanwhile, Relationship Blackbook has flirting advice for the women. And here’s a beginner’s guide to flirting.

    That ought to be enough to get you started. Just remember, it’s fun, like three-year-old playmates teasing each other. But it also serves a function: it helps you be less shy with the opposite sex, lets you test your meddle in situations where you’re not too secure. Like we say, flirting’s going out of style because everybody’s too serious now. You know what the cure for that is? Date a clown.

  • Express Your Love

    Learn To Express Your Love

    Love is a beautiful feeling we all experience at least sometime in our life. There are several who fall in love everyday. The emotions of love are in the air and deep down in our hearts. But, many a times we hold back to reveal these sweet feelings of love. What is it that stops many of us from expressing our love? Few people shy away their feelings and find it hard to express their love, while few fear rejection and never disclose their feelings. When you express your love, you really don’t have much to lose, but holding your feelings can do much harm.
    I meet so many people who simply find it too hard to show or express their love. The majority of people that I came across were men, whose fears held them back from expressing their love. Many a times we have a fear of rejection and also to lose a good friend. Unless you do not reveal your thoughts and feelings, the other person will never understand you. It is good to express your true feelings, since the person may just consider your proposal and bond with you for life.
  • Photobooth
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    How to Create Great Memories of Your Anniversary

    An wedding anniversary is a time to be celebrated and remembered. People like to look back to the wedding day and think of all the things that have happened between then and now. Having a photobooth for the event will ensure they can take away even more happy memories to add to those they already have.

    Often, an anniversary event includes the original bridal party, if they are still available to attend. Many of the original guests will also attend, as well as newer friends you’ve made since the day you married. Having a photo booth at the event will allow both old and new friends to gather together and take fun and happy photos of you and themselves on this happy occasion.

  • Online Dating

    Amusing Online Dating Listing

    The following amusing excerpt is from an online dating advert on Craigslist.

    Woman: I’m a beautiful (spectacularly beautiful) 25 year old girl. I’m articulate and classy. I’m not from New York. I’m looking to get married to a guy who makes at least half a million a year. I know how that sounds, but keep in mind that a million a year is middle class in New York City, so I don’t think I’m overreaching at all.