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How to Create Great Memories of Your Anniversary

An wedding anniversary is a time to be celebrated and remembered. People like to look back to the wedding day and think of all the things that have happened between then and now. Having a photobooth for the event will ensure they can take away even more happy memories to add to those they already have.

Often, an anniversary event includes the original bridal party, if they are still available to attend. Many of the original guests will also attend, as well as newer friends you’ve made since the day you married. Having a photo booth at the event will allow both old and new friends to gather together and take fun and happy photos of you and themselves on this happy occasion.

Memories are made with events such as these, but they are kept alive with photographs, whether they are digital ones or print. If there is no way for people to take fun photos, they often won’t take any.  While many people will have their mobile phones they can take a quick snap with, in a crowded scenario, there is likely to be people they don’t know in the background, spoiling the photo.

It can’t be helped, and often those people don’t even realise you are going to snap a photo; they could even have their backs to you. And in the excitement of the moment, you don’t even think of who is behind your subjects. But when you look at the photo afterwards, or worse still, have it printed out, there is the back of some stranger’s head right in the middle of it. That is soo annoying.

This won’t happen with a photo booth image because the booth is set up out of the mainstream of the crowd, with the background of the position being against a wall or at least protected from people who may inadvertently walk into the area at the wrong time. So you get a good shot with just the people you wanted in it and no one else.

In addition, the props allow you to dress up a little and have some crazy fun to make everyone laugh and enjoy themselves even more. The resulting photos are much more natural looking because people are focused on having fun instead of how they look.

Taking such photos will certainly ensure that there are many great memories of your wedding anniversary to add to those of your wedding, however many years ago it was. When you have good friends that have been with you for many years, it is important to share such photos around. If there are people who attended your wedding but couldn’t be there for the anniversary, you’ll be able to send them some great photos so they’ll still feel included in your life.