After Liposuction
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The Story of Fat After Liposuction

As you are probably already aware, liposuction is not a procedure that is done to reduce your weight, even though it is basically taking fat from your body. It is done to give your body a nice, contoured shape. Liposuction is a permanent thing, with no more fat bumps in the area that was treated.  So what happens if you gain weight after the treatment?

First of all, once a person reaches puberty they have all the fat cells they are going to have; the body does not create new ones.  Fat is stored in your fat cells from the glucose you ingest from meals and snacks. The body converts glucose –or sugar – to fat and stores it if it is not used to produce energy.  When the fat cells are removed during liposuction, no more fat can be stored in that place. This is both good news and bad news.

The good news is that you won’t have to have liposuction in that particular area again. The bad news is that if you gain weight after the procedure, the body will store fat in other areas.  So if you had a liposuction breast reduction, you might put weight on in the thigh or arm areas. This is one reason lipo is not used to reduce weight in obese people.

It is really important to have a good diet and healthy lifestyle both before and after having a liposuction procedure. This will prevent any unwanted weight being produced in other areas of your body. A cosmetic surgeon that doesn’t mention the need for a good diet and exercise after the procedure is not doing his or her job as well as they should.

Before having the procedure, it is wise to go on a diet that limits your sugar intake. Sugar gives you energy, but what is not used up in producing energy is then stored as fat. This is how the body protects itself from lack in the future. With our lifestyle, we don’t really need this protection.

If you limit the intake of sugar or glucose after the liposuction procedure you will enhance the result and avoid getting fatty deposits in other areas of the body; it’s that simple. It is up to you to make your body behave and not give you more fatty lumps by reducing your intake of sugar.

Bees store pollen as honey; our bodies store energy as fat. It is a natural occurrence that no one can prevent unless they avoid sugar – and reducing your fat intake is also good. At least it won’t clog up your arteries.  Cutting back on sugar is not difficult. You can gradually reduce the amount of sugar in your tea and coffee, drink water instead of soft drinks and reduce the number of sugary snacks you eat.