Temporary Crowns

Have Temporary Crowns? Don’t Eat These Foods

When decay and cavities have worn your tooth down to the point where you require a crown, your dentist will most likely install a temporary crown in place. This crown helps to protect your tooth and its function, as well as to stop your teeth from moving, to prevent sensitivity, and to help shape your gum. Usually, a dentist will put a temporary crown in place with dental cement which is easy to remove once your more permanent solution is ready.

While a temporary crown can offer a sense of normalcy in your mouth while providing tooth functionality, it’s not a permanent fix. Therefore, there are a few types of food you must avoid until your more permanent solution is in place. We’ve included a list of these below.

Any Sticky Food  

If you have a sweet tooth and usually can’t look past gummy bears, jelly beans, or even chewing gum, you may have to for the time being. Sticky food, also including taffy or caramel, can encase your new temporary crown, compromising its already weakened state. Remember, the crown is only a short-term solution, and any food that sticks to your teeth can be all it takes to loosen or remove it. In saying that, most sticky food is bad for your other teeth as well. Always consume in moderation and consult your dentist if you have any questions or concerns.

Hard Food

Even if you’re trying to be healthy by munching on carrot sticks, you may need to leave them in the fridge until after you have your new permanent crown. You should avoid any hard food such as nuts, hard vegetables, hard fruits, or virtually any food or confectionary that takes much effort to bite through. While your temporary crown is strong, it’s not as strong as the more permanent metal or porcelain variety. If you eat hard food, you run the risk of chipping or breaking it, undoing all the hard work of your dentist.

Sugary Beverages

Any dentist will tell you that sugary drinks such as cola and energy drinks are bad for your teeth. However, while you are waiting for a permanent crown, they can be even more damaging. The sugar is in liquid form, which means it can seep into your crown and tooth, causing decay and damage. While you’re waiting for a permanent crown, drink water and avoid beverages with high sugar content.

Sugary and Sweet Food

When your dentist provides a temporary crown, they don’t fit it close to the gum line. As a result, any sugar that gets into the gap can irritate the gum and can form decay and spread to the tooth itself. Therefore, when you’re waiting for a permanent crown that sits nearer to the gum line, it’s crucial to avoid any sugary food such as dessert, cake, and lollies.

Permanent crowns can solve so many problems, but while you wait for them, it’s important to follow a stringent oral care regime and look after your teeth more than you normally do. Call your dentist if you have any questions or queries about your temporary crown.