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16 Things to Know about Liposuction

Many people turn to liposuction to make the best out of their bodies if they can’t get rid of those fatty deposits by dieting or exercise.  Others want it done but are told it is not suitable for their problem.  Here are 16 things to know about liposuction before you go ahead and have it done.

  • It can cause swelling that takes a while to go down and it may take 3 or more months for the final result to be known. So don’t rush out and purchase a new wardrobe too soon.
  • Having liposuction is not ‘cheating’. It is just like using cosmetics to improve your looks, albeit rather more expensive – and invasive.
  • Lipo won’t make your body fit, it will simply smooth out the bulges so you look fitter.

  • It won’t last forever. Those bulges may come back unless you make changes to your diet and exercise regime. How long it lasts varies for different people.
  • You should always choose a surgeon that specialises in doing liposuction – and on those areas of the body where you want to see improvement.
  • You should ask the surgeon if he or she has happy patients who will love to tell you how good their lipo was and give recommendations.
  • Realise that while the kind of machine has a small part to play in the result, the expertise of the cosmetic surgeon has a major part to play. If you can’t find a specialist, don’t have it done.
  • Liposuction won’t tighten up loose folds of skin. It sucks out fat under the skin to contour the area.
  • If you have a large abdomen, it could be due to fat around the intestines and organs. Liposuction cannot be used to remove internal fats. The fat must be just under the skin.
  • While there is no age limit, older people whose skin has lost its elasticity are less likely to find a satisfactory result.
  • Surgeons usually prefer to treat people whose skin is still firm and elastic for this reason.
  • People with other health problems are not good candidate for liposuction, especially heart problems and diabetes.
  • All such procedures carry some element of risk with them, but most people find there are no problems apart from the normal swelling and possible bruising.
  • Your doctor will suggest you try diet and exercise before doing liposuction on you.
  • If you expect perfection, you are likely to be disappointed.
  • That said, liposuction has made a big different in many people, whose lives have been greatly improved after undergoing the treatment.

While it is wise to think long and hard about having liposuction, you shouldn’t let fear prevent you from trying it out, especially if you are a good candidate for the procedure.