• How SEO Can Help Your Restaurant Compete For Google Rankings
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    How SEO Can Help Your Restaurant Compete For Google Rankings

    There is no escaping the fact that when it comes to marketing budgets, large companies are normally going to have larger marketing budgets for SEO than smaller ones. If you are a restaurant owner you might think that this makes it too difficult for you to try and rank on Google, but the SEO experts at www.seoperthexperts.com.au can dispel that myth and explain why local restaurants have a great opportunity to rank highly on the search engines.

    The first point to note is that when Google’s algorithms are calculating ranking for each individual keyword, it takes no account whatsoever of how large a business is, how much profit it makes, nor the size of its marketing budget. Bear in mind rankings on Google are not paid for and work differently to advertising like Google ads or Facebook ads.

    When it comes to the restaurant sector, obviously larger chains and franchises might be able to muster greater resources due to having larger budgets, however, our experience tells us that when a company has more money to spend it tends to want to take short cuts and thus it veers towards investing in paid advertising rather than SEO which would boost their Google rankings.

    Another reason that local restaurants have a more even playing field when it comes to ranking is that Google’s policies look upon local searches differently than they do generic ones. It realized several years ago that many people who were entering searches were looking for a local solution and therefore it began to introduce a number of features that made finding local solutions easier.