• Tourist in Bali

    5 Things To Be Careful Of As A Tourist In Bali

    As a tourist in any foreign country, there is always some form of risk. In some countries, this risk is much greater than in others, depending on their laws and acceptance of foreigners. Luckily, Bali is relatively accepting of foreign visitors, which means that – as long as you are sensible and don’t break any laws – there isn’t a whole lot of risk associated with visiting Bali. Even if you are staying in your own private Bali villas, it is important to be aware of the following risks:

    • Drugs

    Although it may be tempting to some people to take recreational or party drugs during their time in Bali, it simply isn’t worth the risk. Indonesia has extremely strict anti-drug policies, which mean that you will face severe penalties for possession, even if you only have a tiny amount of the drug. Don’t risk ruining your holiday.

    • Thieves

    Unfortunately, Bali is home to a lot of opportunistic criminals. As a relatively poor country, there are a lot of people who would happily steal from rich tourists to survive. You should always be careful walking around at night, especially if you are alone. Don’t leave valuables in plain sight, or thieves will take it as an invitation. Most importantly, always lock your room when you aren’t in it – an unlocked door is like an invitation to a thief!