Things To See In Bali

Top 10 Things To See In Bali In 2018

Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South East Asia, if not in the world. It is a beautiful, picturesque place with amazing scenery and a wonderful culture. It doesn’t matter if you are staying in budget accommodation or in fancier Bali villas – the island offers something for everyone. Here are our top ten things to see in Bali in 2018:

  • Besakih Temple:

You will often hear Besakih Temple called the ‘mother temple’ of Bali. A hindu temple, it is huge, and is an absolute must see on any trip to the island. Found on the slopes of volcanic Mount Agung, you can enjoy both the scenery and the beauty of the temple on the same day!

  • Kuta:

If you enjoy surfing, spending time near the beach, and partying with like-minded people, then don’t miss a visit to Kuta, the “surf central” of Bali.

  • Mount Batur:

If you enjoy hiking and spending time in nature, don’t miss the opportunity to climb the volcanically active Mount Batur. The area is incredibly scenic, and offers plenty of great photo opportunities.

  • Padang Bai:

Padang Bai is one of Bali’s most famous diving locations, and contains at least seven different popular dive sites. There is plenty of life in the area – with reefs in good condition – and you could see anything from fish to sharks to turtles and octopuses.

  • Tegallalang Rice Terraces:

Located in and around Ubud, the Tegallalang rice terraces are a spectacle which can’t be missed. Explore the myriad of roadside vendors selling souvenirs and food as you watch the sun set over the beautiful terraces.

  • The Bali Provincial State Museum:

As the oldest museum in Bali, the Bali Provincial State Museum contains a whole lot of incredible artifacts and pieces of history. If you feel like a quiet day indoors, then spend a few hours browsing the museum’s wonderful collections.

If you have a relatively loose budget and can afford to fork out a few dollars to spoil yourself, don’t miss the opportunity to spend a few nights in the beautiful Nusa Dua area. With immaculately cared for grounds, a beautiful beach, and friendly people, you will have the time of your life here.

  • Goa Gaja:

Found near Ubud, Goa Gaja, or the “Elephant Cave”, is an archaeological wonder. It isn’t huge, so take a couple of hours and explore the marvels of the courtyard and rock carvings.

  • Ubud Palace:

Ubud Palace dates back to the 19th century, and really is an architectural marvel. The palace itself is incredible, but the gardens have to be seen to be believed.

  • Serangan Island Turtle Conservation and Education Center:

If you enjoy spending time around animals and would like to see some turtles, then be sure to head over to Serangan Island. The conservation and education center aims to educate people about the threats that turtles face in the modern world, and they rescue and rehabilitate injured turtles.

There are plenty of things to do in Bali, which is why it is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Be sure to check out some of the above locations on your next visit!