• Express Your Love

    Learn To Express Your Love

    Love is a beautiful feeling we all experience at least sometime in our life. There are several who fall in love everyday. The emotions of love are in the air and deep down in our hearts. But, many a times we hold back to reveal these sweet feelings of love. What is it that stops many of us from expressing our love? Few people shy away their feelings and find it hard to express their love, while few fear rejection and never disclose their feelings. When you express your love, you really don’t have much to lose, but holding your feelings can do much harm.
    I meet so many people who simply find it too hard to show or express their love. The majority of people that I came across were men, whose fears held them back from expressing their love. Many a times we have a fear of rejection and also to lose a good friend. Unless you do not reveal your thoughts and feelings, the other person will never understand you. It is good to express your true feelings, since the person may just consider your proposal and bond with you for life.