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    The Top 7 Wedding Expenses – and How to Reduce Them

    If you are having a wedding on a budget – and who isn’t – you may be interested in knowing what things are likely to cost you the most.  You may then be able to work out ways to cut back on these costs. Some items will be mandatory for some brides such as flowers and bridesmaid robes.

    One thing common to every reception is music. Some brides choose a live band while others choose a dj to play the music. Of the two, the latter is usually the cheapest and besides, the disc jockey doesn’t need to take a break like the live band does.

    However, if you have musical friends, they may be willing to play at your wedding for free or for a low cost. In between, you could simply have someone play some CDs through a sound system. The only trouble with this idea is that the sound won’t be of high quality and you’ll have no MC.

    Here are some more wedding expenses.