• Engagement Ring Diamonds

    Engagement Ring Diamonds and Settings

    If you’re new to the world of engagement rings then congratulations. If you’re beginning to think about them, it must be time to announce your commitment and love, and that’s something of which to be proud. However, if you’ve never put much thought into engagement rings, then it’s obvious you don’t know much about diamonds and settings. It’s to be expected, but you can find out about some basic styles below. Getting the terminology right can make you an expert in no time.


    When you pay a visit to your local jeweller’s, you may hear the word ‘solitaire’ thrown around quite a bit. You may know it as a card game, but do you know it as jewellery? Solitaire refers to a single diamond or stone of any size or shape. When someone talks about a ‘diamond solitaire’ it’s a ring or other jewellery with one single diamond.

    Diamond Sidestones

    If a ‘diamond side-stone ring’ has caught your attention, then it will be helpful to know what it means. Also called a three-stone ring, it refers to a large diamond within engagement rings encompassed by several smaller diamonds. Typically, the large diamond stands out prominently, with smaller stones adding to the overall exquisite design and style.